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I fucking hate the Linux developers who think we are all r-tards who only want 10 years old 2d side scrolling indy games, and the ones who are too fucking lazy to spend the little extra time involved to port their precious fucking code to another OS.

Frogatto. Gateways. THAT FUCKING PONY BS! The majority of the gaming community treats Linux gamers like gimps, throwing us the proverbial bone occasionally and acting like they are doing us a favor. Half the shit that comes out of those last Humble bundles made me puke a slimy, green acid that ate through my Domino’s box.

Oh, while I’m at it, I hate Fedora. The average user of Fedora calls Arch/Gentoo/Slackware users ‘hipters’ while turning their noses up in the most hipster-type way. Hypocrites. So, lemme get this straight: Red hat wants me to put beta software on my rig so I can test their shit for them and make them money, and what do I get? Another release with more busted shit whenever they get around to releasing it. I mean, THEY BROKE THEIR INSTALLER! EVEN SHUTTLEWORTHS ‘Playskool Distro’ has a functioning installer. And only recently anything RESEMBLING an upgrade path! I typed ‘fedup’ into the bash prompt and ‘#so are we’ spit back out at me.

I hear alot about ‘time it takes to install Arch’. I had Arch up and running with LXDE in an hour on my machine, and I have heard on another podcast of a ‘fedup’ upgrade taking upwards of four hours. huh. ‘Having the disk on hand is good if you need to reinstall quick.’ LOL HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR O.S. BREAK WHERE TO NEED TO REFORMAT?!?

At least Arch has the juevos so tell you up front “bad shit may go down, keep up or GTFO’.

I’m out.