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although I began with Slackware in 1995; a friend convinced me to try out Redhat in 1998; which actually had a package manager. Later when Redhat decided to only sell products and, thus, the birth of Fedora, I had little choice but to follow suit. When I moved to Africa in 2006, I was introduced to Ubuntu but I was hesitant as I was very well “versed” with RPM/yum (which of course is stolen from Yellowdog Linux’s yellowdog-update-manager) and this whole “Debian” thing was new to me. So today I have 4 hard drives installed on my laptop; 1 Ubuntu 13.04, 1 Slackware 14, 1 Fedora 19, and 1 with Arch. (the laptop has 2 SATA, and I added a 3rd SATA via the cd-rom bay/adapter, and the 4th is eSATA) I refuse to take sides as every one has it’s own good and bad sides. wow…this was way more than I first expected to talk about. Sorry for the length.