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Fuck this shit, no I won’t boycott the Humble Bundles, they have remained true from the beginning.

Now a quick HB guide for those who just don’t get it.

Humble Bundles are bundles of stuff for which you pay what you want and a part of it goes to charity. (how can someone be a dick about that? I don’t get it…)
Those Humble Bundle come in different forms, here’s an explaination (for those who still don’t get it)

Humble *Indie* Bundle: All games on the bundle are DRM free (well maybe there was a couple of Steam-only games, I don’t remember) and are multi-platform (Linux, OSX, Windows)

Humble *Android* Bundle: Same as above but also has Android ports.

Humble *Mobile* Bundle: This time, only the Android port is required, games may or may not have a Linux build.

Humble *ebook* Bundle: Books in electronic format, DRM free. You can read them on Linux but it sucks, read on a tablet.

Humble *Music* Bundle: Music. You should be able to listen to it on Linux.

Humble *Some game publisher* Bundle: A bunch of games from a particular game publisher, may or may not have Linux builds depending on the publisher. Publishers won’t be porting their games on Linux for such a bundle.

Humble *Weekly* Bundle: Same as above, but only lasts a week instead of two.

And that sums it up pretty well. Maybe the day they release an *Indie* bundle containing a bunch of Windows-only games I’ll be a bit pissed, but I doubt this will happen. Until now the Indie bundles have always remained top notch quality, and all I’m disapproving is seeing a bunch of people who can’t make the difference between two different types of bundles whine about a pay-what-you-want for-charity project.