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Lol in 1992 I was given this nic from a group in germany. Before the movie ever came out. I was a distro point for things that came calling in the middle of the night. Sore_loser I was in Haltom City then just outside of Ft. Worth. Had a bag phone that had a metro wide number so it was local to anyone in Dallas which I forwarded it the second line of my BBS. Oh it was a Baud Bandit BBS written by Richard Stockton who I have talked to in the last year. Baud Bandit BBS was written in Rexx. I then changed to C-Net BBS for Amiga. Oh those were the days………….we ran USR HST modems at that time. Oh the memories……….I knew Bullfrog not just the group but the actual individual who was behind it all. Interesting story. That was back in my Commodore/Amiga days. I still have a C64, C128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, and Amiga 3000 all in working order.Tons of disks for them too.Oh look what you did Sore_Loser made me go back in time. That made me think about the 300 baud modem that came with my first C64……..