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A good discussion, just a thought:
1. Sys Development Cycle of consoles is too slow (compared to PC CPU/GPU sdlc) and gap will worsen as they age faster than before (for eg M$ Xbox(2001) -Xbox 360(2005) 4yrs, Xbox360(2006)-Xbox1(2014) 8yrs.
2. Game-Devs prefered consoles because;
(a) less prone to piracy, now piracy of PC games is less prevalent because
(i) Games are cheaper to buy in real terms (thanks to distribution competition) and
(ii) Multiplayer gaming has moved from LAN (where piracy was rife) to Internet gaming (which has restrictions on licensing).
(b) Consoles had an easy/regulated distribution network for Game-Devs, now thanks to Steam, Desura, Humble, GOG etc PC distribution is much easier and cheaper for them.
….just mulling it over…