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Pedro Mateus
z1lt0id wrote:
Interactive movie


linuxgnuru wrote:
Just curious; on a scale of 1-10 which is your favorite or favourite) genre of gaming?

Let me break this down and show you why I, personally, am against labels and scores.

– FPS – I’ll play an FPS, whether I’ll like or not has to do with each and every specific game (so any score between 1-10 will be valid, since there are FPSs I loved and ones I hate)

– Platformer – That’s not a genre, that’s a category. Awesomenauts is a platformer, yet I’d call it a MOBA.

– Simulation (trains/planes/automobiles) – These can hardly be called games, now can they?

– RPG – Aren’t you effectively playing a role, regardless of which game your playing? Isn’t it part of the escapism gaming provides?

– PnC – Point’n Click… Again, you’re doing that for every game already. Point’n Click Adventures, you say? Again, see #1

– Action/adventure – That’s not a genre, it’s not even a category. It’s a label that can be applied to 90% of all games.

– RTS – 1

– MMORPG/MMO/online-multiplayer – Again, it depends on the game itself. Also, MMO communities suck big balls.
Sorry, about that.