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It appears in the Anti-Cheat scheme of things (trying to catch the hackers) they had an admin who did something that wasn’t on par. So the comunity is in uproar and the Admins are trying to defend themselves. I sent Spanky (one of the Admins) a pm and told him pull the plug on the forums till you have control. It was getting ugly. So basically the admin put a backdoor in the Assist program to catch hackers. He went to far and then at about 3am he pulled the entire server offline that did the authentication and anti cheat. So basically right now it is


I did post in the forums that I would pursue the source code, the whole entire reason it went this route it PB/EvenBalance no longer supports this version. Now the Source Code should be PD due to the US taxpayers paid for this project. The Devs at AAO say they can’t due to Epic. In follow up on that Epic once enterin the agreement made this null and void due to once abandoned it becomes PD due to it being a Gov project. Also there is thought of using the open source version of the unreal engine for the game which would mean re-coding the game. The site is offline as of 30 minutes ago.