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lol at you when you try to be Risque. You obviously didn’t understand what I meant about ‘kick them out wide’ its a reference to a woman spreading her legs in preparation for coitus. +1 for the 8th grade style ‘stick it to her’ comment. You must really believe I am as dumb as Venn says I am.

You think too simply… This isn’t some cliche TV show where people do exactly like you think they will just because they spell it out for you in a foreshadowed moment. They have created interesting characters who are well fleshed out. I think Todd acted just like any red blooded teen would at that moment and that that will be the end of it.

But like I said…. You could be right. If they get naked and greasy, I’ll be the first to say you were right. We’ll have to see. Frankly I could give a fk about psycho-kid slicin’ some trim, its all about end game right now.