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I thik i even have C64 basic to program with for my C64 and C128…… I used one sun box had loaded it with linux for the fun of it……not sure where it is. Tried to find my TRS-80 with tape drive I think it was the color II. First PC was built for one thing, Doom. I built it out of pieces I bought. I bought an AT case mounted a 386 motherboard with 4mb of ram and a 30mb HD Just to load DOS and play doom. My Amiga Systems had more HD space at that time I had over 800 mb of HD space on the Amiga. It was an Amiga 500 with an external SCSI case with 6 drives in it. The type you could pick up 10 minutes after runing and they were still spinning enough to turn your wrist. They were 5 1/4 full height Maxtor drives.