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Venn Stone

From my email.

“Stainless is Listening!

Hey guys, it�s nobby here! Sorry to be spamming you all with another Update so soon, but we have an important announcement for you. We�ve been following the feedback today very closely, and it became clear we�d screwed this one up � and so we�re happy to tell you that we�re doing the only thing that�s fair and all of you who paid for the game, will get the game plus ALL DLC. We�re putting out a Press Release and posting the news on, so that the message gets out there loud and clear:


Thursday, 26th September 2013. Isle of Wight, UK. Earlier today, Stainless Games Ltd. announced its Early Access plans for the release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Steam in Q1, 2014. Stainless also talked about how the final game would be followed by DLC packages to signal the company�s continued commitment to the game beyond the �final release�.

However, the announcement had the unforeseen consequence of causing confusion and some disquiet among the community who have backed the game�s development. Some commentators in the Kickstarter community made the point that it seemed unfair that the Backers weren�t now going to get the �whole� game � including all future DLC.

Jason Garber, Publishing Director at Stainless, said, �As the day went on, we kept discussing the feedback from the community, and it became clear that they had a valid point. And so we�ve decided to act on that point. We�ve concluded that the fair thing to do would be to make this announcement � that EVERY Kickstarter and Paypal Backer who pledged the $15 and above for a copy of the game will be eligible to get The Full Package. They�ll get the full, final version of Carmageddon: Reincarnation and ALL DLC, for the REST OF TIME.�”

Another hollow promise.

How I guess it went down…

Stainless: Kickstarter: Yay we were funded
Outside Investors: HAR FK load of wet stinky!
Stainless: FK Kickstarter! We’re funded! Hookers and blow! No updates!
Outside Investors: Seems you created such a negative shite-storm that we demand a time-frame.
Stainless: See above.