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It wasn’t completely about Open Source, Open your mind and listen. The one tool we are given and we abuse it by cutting short what people are saying because we disagree with 10% of what they say, so we never get the entire wording of what they are really saying. He is talking about Linus, not Richard. So that for starters is a completely different conversation. He is also pointing out the benefits to GNU and FOSS which has changed the industry. Where did he lie about history? He wasn’t suggesting we don’t have big goals, he was pointing out what has worked and why. Again open your mind and listen to the entire wording of everything he says. It’s like an argument if you disagree you cut the other person off, in your mind your doing the same so your not hearing the rest of what he is saying which makes this a completely different conversation. He states a lot of facts and only skims across parts in an 18 minute presentation that is all you can do with over 20 years of history that is full of events.

Gnarlin not trying to start anything with you, this is just an observation of how people perceive things due to habits and continual self training of their mind. We all do it or did it at one point. I have learned to listen to everything before forming a truth out of the mix. Everyone is not right and everyone is not wrong. Somewhere in there lays the truth. Remember that……..the more you listen the more you know…..the more you stop listening the less you learn.