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Once upon a time there were 3 fighters. Venn, Pedro, and Jordan was born and raised in remote colony in the mountains where the most dedicated of all known nerds taught new nerds the art. They all spent many hours honing their skills in the deadly art of Linux. They all knew one day though, that only one of these nerds could remain.

Today was that day. In anticipation they all stepped into the arena simply known as… The Terminal. One by one they removed their pocket protectors and placed them neatly at the ground beside them. Venn eyed Pedro. Pedro winked back. This perplexed Venn very much. Venn then looked over to Jordan. Jordan was deep in thought, knuckle high into his nose trying to clear his brain.

The bell rung and they all darted towards the center of the dusty arena. Pedro met Venn first in this epic battle. He used his signature girly slap that he was known through out the lands for. This did not seem to phase Venn one bit. Venn did a hair whip that knocked Pedro to his ass. Having used the thigh master to put between his butt cheeks, umm, late at night. He had an amazingly strong gluteus maximus. As he hit the ground he immediately bounced back up using his ass muscles alone. This left Venn stunned. Pedro seen his opening. He did the paralysing crouch cruncher. Venn was at his submission now.

Then… Jordan finally joined the melee. Out of breath he didn’t know from running the 20 feet, he had very few options at his disposal. Pedro still had Venn by the balls but they both noticed that Jordan pulled out a taco. This was no ordinary taco either. This was one of the ones from the taco stand that came every Friday at noon. But no one had seen Miguel or his taco stand for months. Had he been hiding tacos in his room for all these months? Apparently so, as could be seen by the weird green fur that was on the outside of it. Jordan bit into the taco, swallowing it whole like a hungry, hungry hippo. Venn and Pedro had no idea what Jordan was doing. Venn bitch slapped Pedro causing him to release his death grip on his family’s jewels.

Venn didn’t know what Jordan was up to but knew that he had to stop him. He ran towards Jordan. Pedro ran after Venn. Jordan turned his back to them both as if he wasn’t even concerned with neither one of them. As Venn and Pedro approached closer, Jordan pulled his finger. At that very moment his ass cheeks rippled with the furiousness of 100 earthquakes. Venn and Pedro heard nothing but where blown back with ragdoll physics only known in the far off land RimJob. They both brushed themselves off and seemed to be okay. . . until they stood up. There nose hairs were lit on fire, stomachs lost control, and brain burned inside their very heads.
He admired his handy work as Venn and Pedro were reduced to small piles of gooey mess. Jordan had pulled off the most sacred move known to all the nerds on the mountain,

The Silent But Deadly.

–the end