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Pedro Mateus
strider wrote:
When did I say that all old games had to ported using a wrapper? Aspyr chose to do it the right way, good for them, it will really pay off.

Let’s see, since you’re keen on generalization even though I did specifically mention The Witcher 2 (by name):
“I really don’t mind the fact that’s it’s a wrapper, it’s an old game after all…” – Google+

“A game from 2011 is old, I understand they don’t want to invest lots of resources on old stuff…” – Also from Google+ … F4Vwi5nmju


“I’d say 3 years qualifies as “old” but seeing how the Linux gaming community react to the wrapped version of The Witcher 2, we seem to have different standards on what old is.” –
Wizardry 6 thread

As I said, silly!