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Unaccounted4 wrote:
wraps his game and attempts to fly it under the radar.

It’s the linux community, nothing can fly under the radar ^^

Unaccounted4 wrote:
That and native ports, even with all the cock ups, have a much better track record performance/stability-wise than wrappers ever will.

There are not enough wrapped games to build metrics about their stability. Does Limbo even count? Their Wine bottle didn’t even work, I always ran the game under regular wine.
I haven’t tested System Shock 2 yet but that game is so ancient, I can’t imagine it being slow.

That said, I’ve played many games on Wine that were just as stable and fast as native games (RAGE, Dishonored). Had they put these game in a (proper) wine bottle, would I have been ok with it ? Yes, I probably would have. (Although, it would have been weird to see Dishonored, an UE3 game, not get a native port).

The important thing is that we never see wrapped versions of games *yet to be released*. I highly doubt this will ever happen but if it does, go on, go batshit crazy on them.