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We need to have a site that does fill the niche to replace GamingOnLinux in the LGC fashion. Which means we need to make the LGC site bigger and promote it beyond Liam’s ability to reason.
Linus said it best, people are going to get their feelings hurt. Everyone will not see eye to eye on everything. Also When you carry your personal life into your work/hobby, you bring drama that makes you a target. Yeah his mailbox was crammed with about 1000 followers messages of encouragement. Sorry that to me is not big enough. Oh that’s right you multiply that number time’s 100 so you feel like you really got something. People who run around and copy and paste and release information with out follow up or even checking the validity of the source tends to get old. I usually look at GOL but if I see no mention anywhere else I look to the source it is supposedly being reported from. If I find nothing I then ignore it till someone else makes mention of it with another source in tow.

So with that said GOL carries no weight due to it’s practices on journalism 101. What I also see is hypocrites in the reddit, they say LGC spreads hate but yet in the reddit everyone of them is doing they say LGC does. What is so funny is that this is being said to be tolling, cyber bullying, and if it was handled as it should be it wouldn’t even be on the radar but yet Liam takes it personal. If handled correctly and in a professional manner Liam would be so knee jerk and wouln’d look like a drama queen from the 80’s trying to get attention to justify his feelings. He needs Dr. Phil, and maybe even Dr. Oz to help him out.