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strider wrote:
__eMpTy__ wrote:
Totally ignoring the Win 7 vs Win 10 argument (Win 10 wins) — how about the fact that he’s begging for a key? Damn, Liam, you want to play the M$ game, so just buy one you cheapass fool. No one has “a spare key just laying around that is totally legit” ever in the history of the universe. Doesn’t GoL have a Patreon for this kind of thing?!? (currently: $301.00/month)

Anyway, I got my LULZ.

Microsoft has generic keys to install Windows without activating it. The Windows install I have on my desktop is totally legit, the USB key image was obtained from Microsoft and the key is from them too, it’s not an activated copy but it’s good enough to run a couple benchmarks once in a while.

They have 90 day evaluation versions. You just have to reinstall every 90 days or it goes into super-asshole-limited mode. Even then, constantly reinstalling is a violation of the EULA. So…

As far as generic keys that you don’t have to activate… I’m pretty sure that’s your loosey-goosey European understanding of “copyright thingies” speaking.