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    Just to solidify my Geekhood and assure that NO ONE ever drunkenly mistakes me for someone with a social life… I ponder this argument:

    Rand al’Thor or Richard Rahl?

    I read all of the SoT (except for the last couple) because the show made me interesed in the books. I liked them alright but saw a decline of imagination, creativity and quality as they progressed.

    Now for MANY YEARS, many opinions for multiple sources reminded me of the quality and depth of WoT, of which I continuely rolled my eyes and scoffed as I am prone to do. UNTIL, a few months ago I breezed through a forum and found references to how SoT was a hack-assed knock off of WoT, sighting NUMEROUS comparisons.

    FLIPPING OUT WITH MISPLACED AGGRESSION ( as I am also prone to do) I discovered I may have wasted a good portion of my time reading the BS ghetto version instead of the real article from the beginning.

    1. Anyone here even know what I am talking about?
    2. Anyone here read either one, the other, or better yet, BOTH?
    3. Any opinions about SoT and WoT if you did successfully answer 2?

    And, as always… merciless trolling irrelevant to the actual topic is not only accepted but encouraged.

    Pedro Mateus

    All I know is I watched the Legend of the Seeker series and for the first two seasons it was okish. After that I felt like sending them an angry e-mail, demanding the precious minutes of my life I spent wasting away in front of my PC watching the damn thing.


    I didn’t mind the show, it got me interested in checking out the books. After I read the first book I thought the show was idiotic.


    Fk it, I’m embracing my inner lightning bolt. Started reading ‘Eye of the World’.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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