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    Venn Stone

    So NVIDIA should invest in R&D using their magical free money tree and just give it to AMD?


    Hey man, Vendor Lock in means you don’t have to compete!

    Mind you, it’s not like we get any of these cool solutions under Linux, so from our side of the park, all that really matters is who has the best OpenGL implementation.

    Venn Stone

    It’s not like AMD is open saucing all the things out of kindness.

    Nay, they are hella desperate to gain more than a 20% market share.

    Thing is the open sauce tools are the same bits that game devels didn’t want to use is the first place.


    AMD isn’t open sourcing things out of kindness, it’s desperation people seem to forget that. If they were really at all serious about open source, linux and all the shizzels they would’ve done it back when they were doing somewhat good financially.

    But nooooo, people AMD shizwicks think AMD is the good guy for open sourcing their stuff, they’re open sourcing things because they know that won’t be able to anything with it on their own.

    Granted the gameworks and the aforementioned mumbojumbo won’t be coming to linux anytime soon or ever (even though AMD says linux constantly like a toddler who learned a new word).

    I’m already pissed enough at AMD, if nvidia can update their legacy driver to support the latest kernels and xorg servers so can AMD, oh wait I forgot they don’t know they have a linux driver.

    AMD is doing this so that imbeciles can see them as being the good guy, guess what Mahmood (my version of brad), being a good guy + worthless doesn’t get you shit, being a badass + competent gets you respect.

    People are quick to judge nvidia with their gameworks thingie, guess what again Mahmood, gameworks is a tool, if the devs can’t use it properly, it’s not the tool’s fault its the developers.

    Gameworks don’t make bad games, developer not utilizing gameworks properly makes bad games.

    Where’s cameron, CAMERRROOOOON!

    And people jimbling about AMD caring about open source and linux BS, YOU DON’T EVEN USE LINUX YOU DILLHOLES!!!!

    I will bet you my left nut, nay!, both nuts that this GPUOpen thingie will not take off on its own, will offer no substantial performance increase or whatever it claims to do, and will be turned into something else like what happened to Mantle. Oh how much I want to talk to that AMD gaming scientist guy and the other nub Terry Makedon the manager of AMD software strategy, Roy at this point is used meat.

    Where ar thou Matrox!,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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