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    THe reddits…. … sage_from/

    To which I say
    and more…….

    But the Byrne guy does look “shiny” in a way

    Venn Stone

    This is not a repeat from 2000.

    When AMD Closed OSRC and nixed their Linux kernel devels in 2012 I got the message.




    Linux used to be driving the AMD bus…….. that was back when they promised publicly to support Linux and provide Linux users with the same if not better experience than windows users.

    To this day they have never come close to their promise. Back then I bought AMD GPU’s and they use to work. When they stopped working and Nvidia started becoming the working product and no word out of the AMD camp, I switched and have not looked back.

    Public media stands like this are just an attention grabber. I see nothing coming out of them nor do I see a public apology from them for what they promised and never delivered.

    Like I said I used to own only AMD GPU equipment. I don’t any more. The only way they will ever get my attention is with a public apology for what they never delivered or een came close to attempting too.

    Back i those days I shelled out $3200.00 for laptop to game from with ATI GPU. I had the unit for 5 years and they never followed through. AMD at that time promised their CPU’s would support Linux 100% which they followed through on.

    So the thinking was once they merged it would be an awesome marriage of tech. How wrong could we be in that thought process. CPU’s rock, GPU’s suck. I think it just hit the switch from blow to suck.

    To top this rant off I was going through steam and it’s que that is personalized for me, huh. I had to hit “Not Interested” 240 times so far. You know why? Most of those games are repeats of the same type and genre over and over. Then to top it off the repeative retro graphics games. If I want to see and play those, I will get out the C64 and hook it up and play them and guess what? That won’t cost me $9.99 per game, it will be free since I already own them. I think out of the ques I went through I was interested in 10 games. This retro crap is just that crap, and then the flood of repeative games of same type and genre and nothing standing out is lowering the Steam bar of games. Come on Valve your better than this, quit trying to be like the google play store. You have too many cash grabbers on board. It is hurting the quality control. Games can stand out and they will get our attention without a flood of stupid and ugly.

    Ok enough of my soap box.

    Freejack_ wrote:
    Most of those games are repeats of the same type and genre over and over.

    I see that there’s been a recent influx of visual novel “games” on steam linux. Who buys these game novel things seriously?. The only visual novel I approve of is x-change

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