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    so … the last LGC howto for android was in 2012… if this is defunct/no longer updated; perhaps they should diaf or make a archives to throw it and others in? otherwise, i’d like to know how to do stuff in android…


    I watched the screen capture tutorial and it is outdated indeed!

    I’ve successfully recorded Android games (see using the screenrecord command ( … reenrecord) but this command has a hardcoded time limit of 180 seconds, which is stupid and does not record sound (I recorded the sound separately then mixed it back together). I can’t even use this command anymore on my Nexus 7 since I downgraded to Jelly Bean but so far it’s the only method I’ve tried that produces good results. I’ve tried a few capturing apps from the Play Store and they were all crap.

    I feel the only way to do proper screen capture on Android is to get a Chromecast and a HDMI capture card, which is not the cheapest solution. There is also the Twitch streaming feature Pedro uses for Heartstone but I don’t think that’s available on other devices than the Shield. Final option, for the bravest: recompile Android without the stupid time limit ( … oid-kitkat) but that still requires recording sound separately…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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