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    Venn Stone

    So much for next-gen consoles.

    What I like most is the filthy console “gamers” defending this. … 20p_60fps/

    Pedro Mateus

    The current Razer Blade is a laptop with better specs/performance than what Sony/MS presented their consoles to be.


    I’m not pro Console .. but is a just wait and see on this one. Consoles have their place in this world except for the Xbox One XD


    These are the last series of dedicated gaming consoles…I’m calling it, they’ll go the way of MP3 players and PDAs!


    I feel 180 degree of kloinka. Everyone has heard that common phrase over the last few years… ‘The laptop is the new desktop, and the tablet/phone is the new laptop.’ I believe it. If something doesn’t change soon… Game devels will write only for consoles, and PC will be left in the dust.


    A good discussion, just a thought:
    1. Sys Development Cycle of consoles is too slow (compared to PC CPU/GPU sdlc) and gap will worsen as they age faster than before (for eg M$ Xbox(2001) -Xbox 360(2005) 4yrs, Xbox360(2006)-Xbox1(2014) 8yrs.
    2. Game-Devs prefered consoles because;
    (a) less prone to piracy, now piracy of PC games is less prevalent because
    (i) Games are cheaper to buy in real terms (thanks to distribution competition) and
    (ii) Multiplayer gaming has moved from LAN (where piracy was rife) to Internet gaming (which has restrictions on licensing).
    (b) Consoles had an easy/regulated distribution network for Game-Devs, now thanks to Steam, Desura, Humble, GOG etc PC distribution is much easier and cheaper for them.
    ….just mulling it over…


    I don’t want to piss on this fine circlejerk but ain’t that saying more about EA and Battlefield 4 than the PS4 or Xbox One. BF4 on console is a 360 title that EA will ports to all the other consoles whatever it is a PS3, PS4 or Xbox One. Because of the install base you won’t see true Next Gen titles until middle of 2014 even Dark Souls 2 is looking more like a PS3 title.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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