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    Here you go, Leadwerks Brick Simulator (Fucked Up Edition), its the best i can do (press space to spawn more bricks) … 5f3be4980b

    screenshot … a7d153a5c3

    A little bit of comparison, the original took me ~30-40mins (including blender time) to make in godot, this version took me nearly 4 hours just to place a few bocks and get the spawner to actually work and not crash my computer.

    I am Toast (unreleased, don’t ask) took ~60mins (including blender time) in godot and its fully textured and lit 3D

    Now this is not an exact replica, for a few reasons:
    – Huge bug that prevents spawned in CSG objects (objects made with the “Add Object” tool) from colliding properly, this is a known issue but none of the fixes work

    -It would not accept any .fbx files I gave it (was supposed to fix the previous issue)

    – Missing huge amounts of features that the tutorials use, so i really couldn’t learn much, not that there was much to learn from in the first place.

    – bare bones doesn’t really describe this turd

    – There is no global game settings like resolution or any real quality settings, hence why it looks like shit and I don’t have the time or patience to pretty it up.

    all in all and absolutely fucking nightmare to use and not even worth the sale price:

    -simply moving things around is a real chore, if you miss click by a nanometre you are placing something instead of moving the object

    -you can only have 1 scene open at once you cannot select multiple objects at once

    -it generally feels and looks like a windows app running under wine.

    Do NOT!, I repeat DO NOT!! put anyone else through this hell, unless they really really deserve it

    Pedro Mateus

    Godot 1 – Leadwerks 0

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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