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    Pedro, you owe me this one, you sexy Spanish speaking girly.

    A couple of years ago I suggested you to get sie roccatz, from sie Germany.

    Now seirs Linux support went nipples up.

    And i found myself using shitty 30 shitty americanz currenzy mouse.

    Can my beloved Pedro or any other Linux sexy thingy tell me which mouse to buy. It has to be:
    1. Decent.(good sensors and 1000 polingz timez, may be even usb2)
    2. it has to have more buttons that i have fingers on my hands. I am partially Ukranian,(Chernobyl heardz of that?), luckily i worked buildingz sitez so ammount of fingers over period of years – equalized.
    3. Ideally programmable.
    4. No dualbooting/VM fuckery is azztected.(South Americaz pun!!!! Pedro would be proud!)

    ффсем ништякофф нах, пис оут блжад, и быть мужиками! будити фф Ирландии напьемся и переспим.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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