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    I have bought a game called Caffeine a couple weeks ago in a Halloween bundle and I found out today that it’s one of the rare games available using Unreal Engine 4.

    I did a bit of performance testing, using the default settings:

    Overall, the games runs pretty well, getting framerate between 75 and 85FPS in the first room of the game. Running the OpenGL3 renderer did improve the framerate by 5 images/seconds but also made everything look very dark (up to a point that it’s not playable anymore). Turning on the shadows in the settings will have a huge impact on framerate, lowering it to ~35FPS.

    I wanted to compare the performance with the Windows version, the games claims itself as the first DirectX12 game ever released but running the game in DX12 mode didn’t show the Steam overlay so I ran it in DX11 mode. The framerate on Windows, with the same settings is very close to the Linux build. The framerate will occasionally go higher but will also drop to 60FPS at times.
    I measured the FPS when facing a dark wall, the Linux version went up to 130FPS while the Windows version got to 134FPS making the difference barely noticeable.

    Being a very barebones Unreal Engine game (you can access the developer console very easily and the ingame menus are very minimal), it may be possible to record timedemos and run real benchmarks. If I find out how, I’ll update this post with different settings.

    A free demo is available for those who want to give this a try.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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