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    Some Dude wrote:
    Facebook teams up with Unity to create a gaming platform to rival Steam

    Facebook and Unity have combined forces to enlarge the ghetto and add some much needed clickbait. As if Candy Crush wasn’t bad enough, just wait until 200 mediocre clones hit your feed! Steam trembles in fear, then resumes rolling in their piles of money.


    While Facebook is currently associated with very casual gaming, hooking up with an established serious player in the field means we’re likely to see the social network appealing more to hardcore gamers.

    um … yeah, when i think of hardcore gaming, Unity is the first to come to my mind. Certainly not unreal engine or cryengine or … fuck anything else other than Unity

    Venn Stone

    FarmVilleVR here I come!


    I’d take UE4 ghetto over a unity ghetto any single fucking time and cryengine I don’t have any idea about their linux endeavors seeing that the cryengine editor is windows only with export to linux afaik


    You know Facebook had it bad when Unity is a fucking step up over that flash shit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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