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    The problem is I talked to the lead Dev a while back and he said they are doing a Linux version. Then this KickStarter started up and it’s windows only and mac and linux to follow.

    So I wrote them an email telling them they are missing out on some “Serious” kickstarter monies from the Linux community. I will have to wait on an answer.

    Here is the link:

    http://www.indiedb.com/games/flagship/n … er-is-live

    I plan to keep following this, it had my attention from the start. It seems to be the same story over and over these are windows guys who have never looked at linux let alone run it. So it seems that without checking it out the have an aversion like Linux is Leprosy of the software world. I just don’t get it.

    They are using: “We’re using Unity 3D” check the fucking box to export this and quit with the damn excuses.

    Oh check back later because I am probably about to go off on fucking Uity Tards.


    I got a reply back. Read this and give me your opinion:

    Hi Freejack,

    We have tried to make it as clear as possible that a Linux version is
    planned, just not guaranteed. I haven’t had much experience developing for
    Linux and honestly I don’t know what issues I may run into. From what I
    gather, there can complications and it’s often a lot more involved than
    just hitting the ‘export to linux’ button. There may be no issues at all,
    in which case a Linux version will launch alongside the Windows version, I
    just can’t guarantee that will be the case.

    I understand that Linux users will be hesitant to back the Kickstarter, but
    I have to be honest about the situation.

    Thanks for you email,

    I think this is a load of BS. Lost my monies.

    Venn Stone

    If they’re not doing cross-platform development don’t bother.


    ^What the master said


    Well I figure they won’t make their KickStarter goal so there will be no game….


    If this was released on linux (for real) I would seriously consider it, for some reason it looks kinda sorta mass effect-ish only on a starship


    No you will have access to fighters and other ships that you can control. But a developer with deaf ears…….Great idea just don’t see it making it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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