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    Worrying, but what “jack” is he talking about? there are so many.

    1. any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods: an automobile jack.
    2. Also called knave. a playing card bearing the picture of a soldier or servant.
    3. a connecting device in an electrical circuit designed for the insertion of a plug: a telephone jack.
    4. (cap.) Informal. fellow; buddy; man (usu. used in addressing a stranger).
    5. one of a set of small, six-pointed metal objects or pebbles used in the game of jacks.
    6. any of several carangid fishes, esp. of the genus Caranx.
    7. Slang. money.
    8. a small flag flown at the bow of a vessel, usu. symbolizing its nationality.
    9. a sailor.
    10. lumberjack.
    11. jackass
    12. jacklight.
    13. Slang. anything at all; the least thing (usu. used in the negative): You don’t know jack.
    14. a device for turning a spit.
    15. a small, usu. white bowl or ball used as a mark for lawn bowlers to aim at.
    16. a young male salmon before its migration.
    17. Falconry. the male of a kestrel, hobby, or esp. of a merlin.
    18. jack off, Vulgar Slang. to masturbate.
    19. Jack is his buddy, who is in gaol (“jail” for mericans)

    I think is 18, he looks gay.


    Hmmmmm you missed the real definition:

    1. Freejack

    1. A dissident or loner; somebody who has distanced himself from his grassroot origins and roams the world without being tied to a distict group, ideology or belief system.

    2. A traveller, pirate, outlaw or scoundrel who relies solely on his own set of rules for survival.

    Famous examples would include Captain Nemo, Elric of Melnibon�, Long John Silver, Dr. Richard Kimble, Kwai Chang Caine, Drizzt Do’Urden and John Dillinger.
    “He confronted his family about what they had done and went freejack.”

    “Beware of Jason, he’s some kinda freejack.”

    “Told ya Shirley, that’s what you get when you fall for a freejack.”

    Pizzadude is funny and not in a ha ha way……….. since we on this Pizzadude here is a hint for your new avatar…..


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