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    This is some messed up shit right here.

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/253920/di … 8913946714

    Gorky 17 is going to be released on Steam for Linux and it’s going to be a Wine port. A native port of this game as been around for a while, ported by Hyperion and sold by Linux Game Publishing. Apparently, Hyperion have been porting this game on Linux and Amiga without authorization (the Amiga port is not released yet).

    But wait it gets better, guess who would be taking care of this Wine “port”? Topware Interactive, the developers behind Raven’s Cry! Dirk P. Hassinger is answering questions in this thread and says they own the rights to this game.

    So what exactly is Gorky 17? Well, it’s a turn based RPG (I can hear Venn noping from here) released in 1999 and with Playstation 1 level graphics that are bad even for a game released at this time (Quake 3 arena, Half Life and UT look way better).
    The Linux port, which magically made its way to my hard drive works out of the box with no issue whatsoever (except some flickering in the cinematics which gets fixed when switching the software renderer to opengl). The game is hard as hell, combat scenes happen randomly like Final Fantasy 7 (you don’t see the monsters before fighting them), your guys can only shoot in a straight line or diagonally, more monsters appear randomly during the fight and when one guy gets killed, it’s game over, you can restart the very long and very tedious fight.

    Fun fact: you can still buy legit copies of some LGP games, on Desura (!) where Clive Crous, CEO of LGP, is still active.
    http://www.desura.com/company/linux-gam … hing/games

    Venn Stone

    WINE and “port” do not belong in the same sentence-organ.

    Venn wrote:
    WINE and “port” do not belong in the same sentence-organ.

    Pedro would not agree


    what about whiskey and bourbon?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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