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    Hello there fellow Linux Comradez!

    I just secured myself a job in capitalistic society(Yae!).
    At the end of month, if all goes well with this new job(its very challenging, but finally very Linux relevant/related) I will have some capitalistic cabbage in my pocket.

    I consider upgrade to following komputator components:
    GPU, CPU, Monitor, cooling for CPU.
    With CPU I will go for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X.
    Because it’s best CPU my Mobo can support.(upgrade from Ryzen 5 1500)

    So I need advises, especially from people who already own those thingz.

    About video card: rx5700, Radeon, is it good investment longer term? It does not have Ray Tracing in hardware. Should I wait a little longer? Is anything else coming out soon worth considering longer term, especially from AMD? I’d rather get Radeons, because of open source drivers which is very appropriate in open source communistic world. But I currently own 780TI from Nvidia, which is obsolete and absolutely needs a replacement. I understand Ray Tracing is not on AMD radars yet for another generation of video cards at least.
    Apart from Tomb Raider series, are there any games on Linux, existing or coming that will have ray tracing?

    And I need a BIG advice on komputator screen.
    1. Should I invest more into 4K screen? I am occasional/semi gamer. I love FPS and play them online to score some frags, party needs to be purged once every so often, you know yourself. My 1080p seems obsolete and its 60Hz. I will be using monitor most of my spare time, so it’s kind of important, for both semi professional purposes(very seldom working from home on company laptop). I see screen as long term investment, hence I may consider getting more expensive one.(it may survive video card replacement, so probably 5-6 years minimum)
    2. Should I go ultra wide instead with somewhat higher resolution than 1080p but smaller than 4K?
    3. How is the support of ultrawide screens on Linux? How is the 4K support?(i especially value advizes from those who own such equipmentz)
    4. Or should I just get non ultra wide, but bigger screen and couple two screens together?(existing and new one)
    5. If we talk about ultrawide screens, i want to be able to play 1080p resolution game and watch a video same time, is it possible? How difficult is it to set up?(i understand Ultrawide can act like 2 screens same time if I use HDMI instead of Display Port). Guessing with Nvidia it’s going to be simple, but does AMD has nice GUI tool to configure things?
    6. How bad is situation with two monitors currently, especially if they are different models/refresh rate/resolution/etc? How does gaming work on them? What about playing game and watching video same time? Will I still have 144 frame rate on one screen and 60 on other or it goes to least common denominator?
    7. Does HDR play any role in Linux yet or do you see it becoming a thing?
    8. Does open source AMD driver support Freesync well?
    9. How bad is the situation between switching proprietary/kernel drivers?(i am gentoo kommisar, ‘modprobe -r amd_driver’ does not scare me)

    I will gladly read all and every reply.

    Thank you in advance, comradez

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    Also, Pedra, you needz to shave, because I don’t like pretty girls with hairs on their face. I am not fucking with Venn, because I knows better than zis.

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