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    Latest Humble Bundle offers a bunch of NEO GEO games, most of which are supported on Linux. Felt like I had to get it, since I haven’t paid anything for all the MAME roms I’ve been using in the past 18 years. … O%20Bundle

    The games are run through an emulator from DotEMU, I somehow doubt that it’s based on MAME since they forbid commercial usage (

    Q. Can I include MAME with my product?
    A. No. MAME is not licensed for commercial use. Using MAME as a “freebie” or including it at “no cost” with your product still constitutes commerical usage and is forbidden by the license.

    The roms shipped with the DotEMU packages will load fine with MAME.

    There are 2 games that are only available for Steam on Windows (KOF 98 and 2002), I only tried KOF2002 and it’s a native Windows port, it runs fine with Wine, including controller support.


    I just picked up this bundle yesterday. The games run exceptionally well. I was pleasantly surprised with how they implemented the launcher/emulator. At any rate, it certainly gives me my metal slug fix since the steam version is winders only. Only problem I’ve ran into is the controls. It shows a controller map in the options menu, but xclone doesn’t seem to work at all. “Fixed” with anti-micro. Of course, it would be way cooler if I had something like the original neo geo joystick setup.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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