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    if you can read french, I dug out this thread in which I’m telling about a Oblivion launcher I made.

    If you can’t read read french thread goes like:
    – Hi, I’m making a launcher for Oblivion to teach myself PyGTK
    – Why aren’t you using PlayOnLinux
    – I don’t like PlayOnLinux, won’t help me configure the game
    (PlayOnLinux dev kicks in)
    – Don’t like PoL? ok� but if everyone made a launcher for every game it would become a mess
    – PoL just helps people who have a hard time installing the game, I can use Wine. PoL won’t help me configure the game
    – We can’t ?! but what is the use to PoL then ?
    – Sorry, I was wrong, do you have a SVN repo so I can contribute (? yes, svn, this was in 2008)
    – If you want to contribute that will be complicated since I’m the only PoL dev

    Thread stops here, one year later the first version of Lutris is released.


    To celebrate this



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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