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    Venn Stone



    From the devel blog�

    “Q: What does Lips of Suna 0.3.0 and a camel have in common?

    A: Toes.

    On the other hand, camels don�t have fancy explosives that deform terrain and shake your camera, nor do they do elemental damage when they kick you. They don�t adventure in nifty fractal caves or swim in underground water or magma pools either. Actually, camels have next to nothing to do with the release so let�s just forget about them.

    There are lots of improvements over the previous release. In addition to those mentioned, there�s saving and loading of player characters, new monsters, more and improved items, more map regions and a work in progress male character model. Grab the release from the�project website�and give it a try.

    It again took just a bit over a month to get the release out. Considering the time and the number of improvements, I think the progress is quite good. However, it could be even better if we could find some Lua programmers to work on the gameplay and sound engineers and graphics artists to create and improve the content. Visit our�forums�if you�re interested in contributing.”




    Don't even need to (I can tell by the model movement) look.�

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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