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    Goes live tomorrow, this from dev……

    Nuclear Dawn will automatically show up in your Games list on linux once the beta goes live, but on all systems, to use the new beta, you’ll have to opt into it in the Steam game properties on the Betas tab. This provides an inconvenice on Windows/Mac of not being able to have both the beta and non-beta installed at the same time, so we’ll try to keep this initial stage short.

    Once we’re confident that there are no showstopping bugs on the Windows and Mac versions, we can promote it to the normal build so that using the Betas tab will not be necessary and all users will be able to play on current servers. We will continue to fix reported bugs on the linux version, which will still be considered to be a beta for a bit, and may use the betas tab to test further fixes.

    The initial round of the beta should be live tomorrow. We’re just working out some deployment issues right now to make sure that everything goes smoothly and especially to make sure that there’s no disruption for current players. I’ll post an announcement when it’s up.

    Venn Stone

    Surprised it took so long being a Source game. Still, good news.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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