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    GeForce to be reckoned with on the open source platform?

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    Posted in Applications, 6th November 2012 14:28 GMT

    The Linux version of Valve�s Steam games download shop goes live today, chip maker Nvidia has revealed.

    Nvidia said �Steam gaming platform that officially opened to gamers today� while announcing new Linux-optimised version of the R310 drivers for its GeForce graphics chips, including the new GTX 600 series.

    According to the chip maker, the drivers �double the performance and dramatically reduce game loading times� of Linux games – at least if a test comparing the new code with version 304.51 while running Valve�s Left 4 Dead 2 beta is anything to go by.

    Indeed, Valve contributed to Nvidia�s driver optimisation efforts, as did other, unnamed studios.

    Valve announced Steam for Linux back in July, and opened it for a 1000-triallist beta testing programme late last month. Steam runs on Ubuntu 12. �

    This is awesome friggin news! Imagine how many people will witch for the speed alone :D
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