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    So… there’s this convention started by the Stilyagi Air Corp and the Metro Detroit Linux User Group many years ago called Penguicon. Folks realized that Linux people are geeks, and Stilyagi did Sci-Fi conventions and those were geeks, so why not mix the peanut butter and chocolate. I’m not sure either group still functions, but the convention has kept going and growing.

    It usually features some fairly strong Sci-Fi authors as guests (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson are some of my favorites we’ve had). And they’ve had some strong Open-Source guests as well.
    The mix shifts a bit year to year depending on who they can get, but it’s always FOSS and Sci-Fi with a healthy dose of Maker (google makerspace if you’re unfamiliar).

    I want to invite any of you heathens to join us. It’s always great fun. There’s a couple videos I’ll link below. They don’t show the massively excessive drinking that usually happens at the free room parties. I’m old and don’t do much more than a cursory pass to see people I haven’t seen in a long time, but yah.. you get the idea.

    If any of the presenters want to come, I’ll even cover the convention fees. Can’t help with travel or room and board (I’m just not that rich). It’s basically between Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI. So it’s a decent hub to travel from anywhere. For the Canucks it’s about 1 hr from the bridge to Windsor. I can even pickup and/or drop off from airports.

    Nice promotional one from 2013:

    Nice unbiased one from last year:



    Fair number of views, No one’s interested? Free Beer?
    Linuxy goodness mixed with cosplayers?
    Flights from Atlanta or Toronto are reasonable I think.
    About 8 – 10hr drive (I stop fairly often) if you took turbojetta. About 6hr last time I drove to Mississauga (furthest I’ve been in Canadaland), but that was years ago and I my foot was pretty heavily planted.


    i would but i don’t have $8,000 to spare to fly there from space africa


    Yeah, I could suggest to the con chair that we move it to Africa.
    Hey, maybe you could catch a ride with Rodriguez, he’s from Detroit and the Searching for Sugarman documentary would suggest he’s super popular there.
    I’ve been in the neighborhood they show in the movie. Not the nicest place.. even for Detroit.

    Venn Stone

    It’s something to keep in mind for the future.

    Right now even if we could send out a few people I would have to be here to switch the live show.

    Events like this will happen once we setup a mobile rig.

    MonsterC is heading to E3 with a camera to track down anything Linux and neat for us this year. Anyone that attends Penguicon is welcome to do the same.


    Streaming from the con would be tough. There’s a couple streams that do some Podcasting: Sunday Morning Linux Review/ and a couple others I’ve seen going on but am less familiar with. The last couple years, they’ve had some company come in with dishes and trucks for the internet and sponsored by someone.. It’s remarkably improved over just what the hotel had, but I don’t know much more than that.
    Either way, would be great to have more folks there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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