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    Ok guys, something you have to remember, at some point your gonna be old and you have to recruit younger people to linux. I don’t mean 20 year olds I mean 8-14 range. The Amatuer radio world has been going through this and now there are kids out there on the radios everyday. I know cause I am one of the older generation hams, just like I am one of the older linux users. SO we have to have a mix here. Just because a game get’s posted doesn’t mean it was meant for everyone to go out and buy. I won’t buy all A+ titles because not all games appeal to me. If it’s cheap enough and it helps the dev out I will buy it out like a donation. Then I will give it to someone who likes that style game. I know 8-14 year olds can’t listen to LGC, that would be just wrong. We can educate them though.

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