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    In case anyone didn’t know about it, or had forgotten, ID released a browser based version of Quake 3 couple years back. If you already know about Quakelive, disregard. If you play regularly, feel free to expound/add to this thread. I do not claim to be a QL expert, in fact I’m far from it.


    Many people have forgotten about this game, moving on to newer and greener pastures. It’s a free game (although limited, you pay for a premium version) and it’s Linux viable. It’s got a decent community, not as large as the flavor-of-the-week war shooter, but a dedicated group that keep getting better and better. I jumped in a couple of games recently, and got my ass handed to me.



    Here is a good site that that covers a lot of the bases on getting started. I have only seen it officially used with Firefox, but when I played often I had heard about a hacked way of running it in Chrome.

    Visual Hud maker


    Awesome website where you can make your own custom HUD in real time using a visual display for placement. It’s very nice and user firendly. You just download a zip after you finish making your HUD. Holysh1t has details about installing it in a tutorial.



    This is a very cool concept derived from the prism project. I don’t know a whole lot about prism, but what I have heard it would make a online application run more like a native program on your machine. I use QLprism on my machine.

    The tar.gz is in the download section of the website

    QLPrism for Arch:

    Couldn’t find much about QLPrism for .deb or .rpm, but the tar will work, and if SHOULD just run from firefox plugin anyways, I just like QLPrism so I can make a edit to run in my right-click Openbox menu.

    AND THAT folks, is pretty much that.

    Now go away.

    Venn Stone



    If then they only new what it would of meant 10 years from then……..lol


    god; i remember back in 1998 when 3 of my roommates all played this new mod for Quake called “team fortress” so I was forced to run a server of my own so they didn’t tie up our ISDN line.

    Venn Stone

    98? I was playing Quake World in 97.



    1. I respect Venn’s opinion… he spoke up. The rest of ya are all just little clingers that jumped on the galloping hate-wagon.

    2. Brother and I played qtest1 lan the week it came out. Downloaded from a BBS. My comp dint have a floating point, I had to turn any and all candy to the curb and shrink screen as small as it would go while he rib-kicked me mercilessly with rockets in the House of Chthon.

    3. Rather still play a fun competitive game that farts dust than drive pink pickups on on rainbow roads, or stroke unicorn horns.

    Ya shirleys.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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