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    What’s the verdict on Rust?

    It’s $10 during Steam sales. Gamingonlinux runs a server. Popey plays there, and Chris LinuxActionShow recently started. LGC’s Lockdonnen has been tweeting his Rust play lately.

    The GOL server gets wiped monthly. Everybody goes apesh*t in the last few days since there’s nothing to lose. The admin drops in vehicles. Windows clans raid.

    I haven’t bought it. I’m on the fence. It’s pretty, but the game play is kill or be killed unless you find a private server that encourages Player-vs-Environment (bears, mainly). It might give the LGC team more complexity than Serious Sam and Half Life 2, but it might be too big of a leap. If Venn bites, I’ll get it in the December sale.

    Here are some tubers that play it. SerWinter is the only likable one, the other 2 are jerks. All of them raid bases PvP style, no PvE here: SerWinter RhinoCrunch PartiallyRoyal

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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