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    Venn Stone

    We all know the P-man loves his LEGOS ..with guns. Scraps 0.2.0 delivers. Check with the judge.

    – General code cleanup
    – Moved GUI power bar to the bottom
    – Moving parts on vehicles can now collide with the vehicle
    – Hovering over weapons on the build screen now displays their available firing area
    – Weapons now automatically reduce their range to not collide with or hit your own vehicle when firing (if possible)
    – Parts are now tinted when hovered over to indicate which will be picked up
    – Improved part snapping on the build screen.
    1. Parts can now snap to points which are visually behind other objects.
    2. Parts can now snap to positions where a snap point is available but the part will collide with something � the part can�t be placed but it helps to see why not. This is optional and currently off by default � it�s in the Game Options. Feedback on which system works better is welcome.
    – Added audio volume controls to Options screen
    – Added 2�1 extender part (such an exciting new part)
    – Armour now auto-snaps to the angle required instead of having to be manually rotated. Note that saved vehicles will now be missing their �side� armour due to that part being removed
    – Turned save file encryption back on due to concerns about potential cheating in the future
    – Moving parts (e.g. rotating weapon barrels) are now allowed to intersect red zones at the build stage(e.g. above the cockpit hatch)
    – Other minor improvements and performance tweaks
    Bug Fixes:
    – Stopped parts being able to intersect wheels on the Build screen
    – Fixed collider sizes on medium engine and armour, which were incorrectly preventing them being placed in some situations
    – Fixed some weapon rotation issues with clipping or rotating about the wrong point
    – Fixed parts not being marked as inventory and hence doing unnecessary setup
    – Fixed red zone box Z positioning on the Build Screen
    – Fixed suspension always becoming linked when entering test mode and returning
    – Fixed rear suspension value not loading from saves
    – Can now edit the vehicle name in the save dialog after clicking on an entry
    – Fixed the default vehicle files not being copied across after clearing all data
    – Fixed Ctrl-key commands not working in Mac OS
    – Fixed a new music track not starting when the old one finishes
    – Other minor fixes


    That is one looong list of nope ya got there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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