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    Now that Gabe Newell has deigned to plunder our vulnerable soft leathery wallets we should form here an online support group and discuss our steam summer sale 2016 traumas. I’ll go first I guess. My name is Gnarlin McClur (alias) and Gabe Newell made me buy a truckload of games on steam.
    Here are the disgusting details:

    1. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs $3.99

    2. Magicka 2 $5.99
    a: Gates of Midgård Challenge pack $1.99
    b: Magicka 2: Three Cardinals Robe Pack $2.49
    c: Magicka 2: Ice, Death and Fury $4.99
    TOTAL: $15.46

    3. Painkiller Hell and Damnation $1.99
    a: Medieval Horror $0.99
    b: The Clock Strikes Meat Night $1.74
    c: Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea $1.74
    d: Heavens Above $2.49
    e: Full Metal Rocket $0.99
    f: Operation “Zombie Bunker” $1.74
    g: City Critters $1.74
    TOTAL: $13.42

    4. Valve complete pack
    a: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero $4.50
    b: Day of Defeat: Source $1.12
    c: Half-Life 1: Source $0.90
    d: Left 4 Dead (*1) $1.80
    e: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $3.37
    TOTAL: $11.69

    5. Costume Quest 1 & 2 Bundle $1.99

    6. Tomb Raider $4.99
    a: Tomb Raider DLC Collection $4.99
    TOTAL: $9.98

    7. The Swapper $2.99

    8. One More Dungeon $1.69

    9. NOT A HERO $3.24

    COMPLETE TOTAL: $61.46

    As you can see this will require a long term gameplay re-rehabilitation therapy for me and my wallet and I fear
    that this seemingly yearly self-destructive habit of letting this man have his wicket wicket ways with my old dried out leathery coin purse has not an end in sight; although I suspect that it might on july 4.

    Please share your tales of steamy monetary abuse here on the Shatrealm. What games did you buy and if you’ve played them what did ‘ya think of ’em?

    (*1) Unfortunately Left for dead 1 never had a linux port as far as I’m aware but I would have paid a lot more if I had left it out. On principle I usually don’t buy games that don’t have a port, but in this instance I felt my abused floppy wallet out-weighted my principles.




    Venn Stone

    Having a hard time finding a game that I want / don’t own.


    I added a few to the roster. Perhaps one shall take your fancy?
    These are my reviews of games I’ve never played so should already be on par with most of the game journalist industry.

    Spirits of Xanadu $2.49
    I hear it has some faint similitude to System Shock 2 and I love me some system shock 2.

    12 is Better Than 6 $2.99
    Top down wild west shooter in pencil sketch gray gray gray and white, WITH HATS! Although the developer seems to hate colours.

    Knights of Pen and Paper 2 $3.99
    Since I don’t have any friends to roleplay with anymore I thought that perhaps I could pretend to have some friends in a crpg!

    UBERMOSH $0.49
    Shoot all the things. Also play tennis with the enemies pew pew lazers!

    Kingdom Rush $4.99
    Once upon a midnight dreary of pimples and teenage angst I played a lot of tower defence maps in warcraft 3, late at night in my underpants. Perusing steam and feeling nostalgic I thought I’d play one more game of chance with my finance for that long lost feeling in a game of strategic defence.

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