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    Venn Stone

    Steam using 100% CPU while running TF2? Well, slap it with a throttle.


    # Written by maccer_the_wanker <[email protected]>

    STEAMID=$(pidof steam)

    trap ‘echo “SIGINT: Interrupt catured. Restoring process”; kill -SIGCONT $STEAMID; exit 0; ‘ 2

    if [ -z “$STEAMID” ];


    echo “Couldn’t detect Steam. Is it running?”

    exit 1


    echo “Setting steam process to the lowest priority possible…”

    # set the lowest possible priority for steam, might not be a good idea since pauses might be longer than 16ms

    renice 19 -p $STEAMID


    # since the fps we want is 60, 1000 (ms ticks) divided by 60(fps) is 16.6ms

    # I approximate to 0.015 to minimize stuttering

    # Keep in mind calling these commands is an asynchronous task so we might want to lower our amount to sleep

    echo “Entering throttle section.”

    while true;


    kill -SIGSTOP $STEAMID; sleep 0.015; kill -SIGCONT $STEAMID; sleep 0.015;


    Paste the above in a text editor and save it (I used TF2Speed). chmod +x the file and run after starting Steam but before running Team fortress 2.

    Will try it this weekend ^:)^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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