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    seeking wisdom from the elders,

    should I buy Wizardry 6(&7) for $5 that is wrapped with dosbox? or is this sacrilege? Its a game very near and dear to me.

    turnover wrote:
    or is this sacrilege?

    Yeah, Venn will probably find you and kick your ass for not running pure ELF binaries.

    That said, you should buy the game if you like it.

    Pedro Mateus

    That’s not entirely true, strider.

    DosBox is fine, especially when it comes to old ass games which the source code has long since disappeared.


    So DosBox is fine but wine isn’t?
    How old must a game be to be acceptable for not having a native port?
    I’d say 3 years qualifies as “old” but seeing how the Linux gaming community react to the wrapped version of The Witcher 2, we seem to have different standards on what old is.
    Losing source code should not be a criteria, it should only be seen as a big failure, I even regret not having backups of my AMOS shitty programs on Amiga, that was foolish of me.

    Pedro Mateus

    We’ve already had this discussion on Google+. If I had to put a date on it, assuming the last console generation lasted 8 years, 7-8 years makes a game officially old for me.

    DosBox as a game wrapper works much more reliably, across a lot of people’s PCs and distros, than WINE ever did. But then again, I’m also OK with a WINE wrapper assuming it’s done properly and on an old game (7+ years old).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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