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    I found this gem…..

    FME Broadcasts
    Starting with WebcamStudio 0.60+…

    You can broadcast directly to some services using the Flash Media Encoder stream. This can be achieved using FFMPEG/AVCONV/GStreamer. By default, WebcamStudio is using FFMPEG under Windows and AVCONV under Linux (Ubuntu).

    You’ll need to download the configuration file (xml) from your service provider and drag’n drop that file into the top-right panel “Output” of WebcamStudio. A new button will be displayed and remembered for later usage.

    To customized your settings, you’ll need to edit your configuration file by hand. Make sure that the description does match your server as often, the name will be “Custom”. Look for the bitrate values for the encoding to ensure that you have enough bandwith to broadcast your stream.

    In the event that you want to update an FME broadcast settings, simply drag the “button” to the right of WebcamStudio, it will be removed. Then re-edit your XML configuration file and add it again to WebcamStudio. Future version will have more features to update the settings…

    Once you’re ready to broadcast, simply select the broadcast button to start streaming. Make sure that you have a fast enough computer as trying to broadcast at 720×480@30fps needs a really high performance computer for the re-encoding part.

    On an average computer, a 320×240@10fps should work perfectly, assuming that your sources do not overuse the computer’s CPU.

    Not all services are supported for now… : Does not work
    BambUser: Good
    Stickam : Works but only with GStreamer : Good Does not work
    UStream: Does not work
    Blog-tv: Does not work
    Blog-Video : Does not work

    All cred goes too Patrick Balleux

    Wish I could get it to work with Twitch.

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