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    Guess that Topware isn’t that bankrupt anymore. They will re-release Raven’s Cry (now named Vendetta: Curse Of Raven’s Cry) as the game that was supposed to be.

    “After an almost seven year-long cursed development, we are finally ready to unleash Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry as it was meant to be seen and played. Development for Vendetta began way back in 2008, and has seen every game pitfall imaginable. Even Christopher himself, actor Mark Strohman had an infection that traveled into his brain, almost landing in Davy Jones’ Locker himself during MoCap shootings. It’s been a long and wired journey, but after all the time and all the setbacks, we are proud to say that the game is close to be finished and we launch the new website today!” … s-cry.6096

    RPS article for the people triggered by GOL: … avens-cry/

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