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    It’s $44.99 and I just can not get past that. I like MMO RPG games. I like exploring and doing things in game that just don’t seem normal. Like in WOW when they added Blood Elfs I was level 26 Night Elf and traveled to their area. Now to get there was interesting. Once there it was just me causing pure chaos. That was the fun of it. Is it worth it?


    I’ve been an Ultima fan since I first got a Commodore 64 in the 4th grade. I remember buying a ISA sound blaster JUST for Ultima 7 for my 486 and still play it via Exult. So of course when I heard Lord British was making another game outside of the clutches of EA I threw my moneys at the kickstarter and have been alpha testing since … well not day one as they only released it for windows in the beginning, but since what ever day they finally came out with a Linux client. The interesting aspect, for me anyways, is that it’s a single and / or multiplayer game. You can pick to either play only with you in the game, full-multiplayer, or single player with the world being multiplayer in that your world is from the multiplayer but you don’t login (i.e. you’ll see people’s houses / shops etc but you don’t actually login / can’t see any other players.) As it is a Unity game, there are the same inherited bugs/problems but considering it is still in alpha it’s hard to really complain about stuff that’s going to be fixed in post. As for the price… man, I only paid $35 for the kickstarter. As for the game itself, there is a HUGE focus on trades; an entire ecosystem of sorts, with the smithy relying on the smelters who rely on the miners etc. Some people wish to only play to get money so they can buy a house / castle in game and decorate it to the nines. You can even create shops and hire shop keepers to sell things you’ve made.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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