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    Venn Stone

    “Tomes of Mephistopheles, FPS aRPG dungeon crawler, alpha is out! We need to have at least 3,000 copies sold to secure further fulltime development. Thank you!” -motorsep



    Finally, we have released the first alpha build of Tomes of Mephistopheles. Check it out at�the official website of Tomes of Mephistopheles.�For more detailed info read up on the change logs. Here is the latest round of changes:

    CHANGELOG 02/16/12:


    + removed large open empty areas from dungeon and added several more architecturally stylized areas

    + greatly improved dungeon generation time

    + torches now only allow a gap between them of 2 pillars in most cases


    + added texture blending to dungeon floors

    + player blood now just spurts once, but harder so it's still visible (still not final)

    + added blur effects for damage, overall health condition with heartbeat rhythm and sounds

    + added death effects


    + added Trap Skeletons (watch out for suspicious piles of bones)

    + improved ai spawning pattern to not be completely random

    + ai now bounce on death

    + added sight and idle sounds for skeletons

    + ai now has a buffer space between them and their target where they play a creep anim or a walk anim


    + added health and mana upgrade potions with effects, (very low spawn chance)


    + added sounds for doors and chests

    + added sounds for torches and campfires

    + added bounce sounds for various objects

    + added debris sound when walls are damaged

    + added bomb fuse sound and dust settling sound during explosions

    + added item spawn, pickup, and use sounds


    + added vwep hands and sword models with animations and damage collision

    + set more reasonable player speeds, slightly slower strafing and a bit slower backpedaling

    + adjusted player torch light position to a better location

    Main Menu:

    + added “Music . Christian Floisand” to credits

    + added a menu to select dungeon size or enter a specific value

    + added a control menu

    + added video menu with resolution slider and fullscreen toggle

    + spiffed up the menu colors

    + polished up parts of the menu that cut off sounds because the menu activates the option too fast (such as starting a game or a resolution change)

    + added menu sounds


    + added messages to the left side of the hud when picking up objects (or for other events). these messages fade away quickly.


    + player respawns with half health and mana

    + added view and weapon bob, shift, and pivot with variable speeds and intensities based on velocity and synchronized with footsteps

    + added player and ai footsteps with varying sounds for ground types for players

    + added spell charging sound

    + added sounds for fireball and ice spells

    + added ambient rat noises along walls (never positioned behind a wall so you can find your way in total darkness by listening to rats if it comes to it�icon_wink.gif�)

    + added combat sounds for player and ai

    + added death/pain sounds for player and ai

    + added sword hitting stone sound

    Config Tweaks:

    + added client cvars for view and weapon bob with the following defaults:

    + bob_intensity_vieworg “0 16 1”

    + bob_intensity_vweporg “0 16 1.2”

    + bob_intensity_viewang “-0.2 1.6 1”

    + bob_intensity_vwepang “5 -12 5”

    + bob_runspeedmultiplier_offset 2

    + bob_runspeedmultiplier_angles 2

    Bug Fixes:

    + random sound intervals are now reset when not being checked so that the sound isn't instantly played when checking begins again

    + ai were not building skeleton during death anim making hitting corpses buggy

    + pain sounds now have a min repeat time

    – daemon


    3,000? It looks really good though.


    Looks like they've got a new alpha video out. Gotta say it's actually looking pretty good. If they bring multiplayer to this, you can color me interested.


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