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    Two “Microsoft loves linux” news today:

    Microsoft Wants All Linux Developers to Move to Windows 10

    Turner went on to point out that the Windows subsystem for Linux is there to provide developers with all the necessary tools to code just like they’d do it on Linux, all without losing the advantages of Windows 10.

    “Whatever it is that you normally do on Linux to build an application: whether it’s in Go, in Erlang, in C, whatever you use, please, give it a try on Bash WSL, and importantly file bugs on us. It really makes our life a lot easier and helps us build a product that we can all use and be far more productive with,” he continued.

    What Windows 10 advantages have we been losing? … 0551.shtml

    and then there’s Skype: … sms-skype/

    I can’t believe they said LibreOffice and Gimp are “passable”

    Linux-based desktop operating systems can sometimes be incredible for productivity and security, but they can be deficient from a feature and application perspective too. Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, for instance, are chock-full of some exciting software that is simply not available on Linux, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, although alternatives (LibreOffice and Gimp for example) can sometimes be passable.

    With all of that said, Microsoft has delivered an incredible feature to Linux-based desktop operating systems by way of the latest Alpha version of its Skype client. What is this exciting feature of which I speak? Well, the newly-released Skype for Linux 1.13 allows users to send SMS test messages from the operating system!

    True, web-based solutions such as Google Voice have long allowed the sending of text messages, but needing to use a web browser can be a chore. There is convenience and elegance in using the Skype for Linux client.

    Microsoft shares the following new aspects of the 1.13 version of Skype.

    Enabled SMS sending
    Update to Electron 1.4.7
    Support for remote escalation of the 1-1 call to group call
    Improved crash reporting
    Added support for authentication token revocation
    Bugfixes and performance improvements



    How this all will end:


    Fagioli is a imbecilic fuck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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