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    just wonder if the age old question could ever be answered, the profound, unfathomable and infamous question of the ages, “…but can it run crysis?”

    I stand here, here at the helm of a new dawn, a dawn of men and linux and games…the year of linux desktop! An era that the oracles of old and the Masters of whisperers, lord larabel of the house of Phoronix had prophisized in the days of old.

    A new dawn is upon us brethren and the cruel winter of api segmentation and vendor-lock-in have come and gone. Ye though we may have lost many a soul and loyalty in the surrendering winter, the survivors and those who remain loyal will bask in the warm summers day and in the glory of our new lord, his Grace Gaben of the house of Valve from the land of Redmond.

    This is a new era, a new time in which man is allowed the be free, no more are we shackled by evil overlords of Redmond. We now have a fair and just lord and grace, who values freedom over absolute power, who values man over undeserved riches and fortunes and knows how to relate to the people through fire side chats, perplexingly dubbed “Reddit IAMA.”

    So what say you men of the house LGC, “…but can you run crysis?

    in plain english, who is excited for cryengine on linux?

    aside: just binge watch 3 seasons of game of thrones, its a bit meh, dont know why so many people like it…nothing major has happened for 3 seasons and the sword fighting is shit.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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