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    I’m guessing it’s possible to install the windows version of Steam and run it under wine to run Windows games, but seems like the Linux version of Steam could easily launch games under wine if the game is only available for Windows.

    I mean, why are so many simple flash games only available for Windows when they run just fine under wine?

    I’m thinking specifically of Plants Vs Zombies which for some reason I enjoy more than all my Steam games so far. It’s only $5 on sale in Steam, but $20 out of Steam. It’s only available for Windows even though the free version that you can download from http://www.popcap.com/plants-vs-zombies-1 runs perfectly under wine. And, why wouldn’t it? It’s basically just flash isn’t it?

    Should I try to suggest somewhere on the Steam website that the developers should work on allowing the Linux Steam to install and launch Windows games under wine?

    As long as the game has a free demo, people could find out if it works before paying for it.

    Venn Stone

    I will address this in detail on the show but basically it would be a support nightmare.


    Make a shortcut and point to it in Steam. Talk to Pefro, he’s all WINE steamy all the time. He can walk ya though if you need.That’s why he’s all greasy and sweaty lookin’


    Colin they should at least let us download the game even if it isn’t supported on our platform. Put a check box that says they won’t provide support if we are installing it on a non-windows machine or something. I play GTA SA in wine and it runs flawlessly. However, if I want to run the game I have to run Steam in wine to access that one game. So if I want to switch to another Linux game, I have to exit completely out of steam, then launch the steam client on Linux. Annoying to say the least.


    Agreed, rat. I have thought from the beginning that they should embrace WINE, maybe even have a Steam version of PlayonLinux. As to what Venn said, one simple disclaimer agree checkbox stating that ‘this game isn’t for this platform, maintenance is in YOUR hands, results may vary on Hardware/software’ would solve the whole thing.


    I plan to add this kind of functionality in Lutris (http://lutris.net). At the moment, only Steam with Wine is supported in Lutris but adding support for Steam Linux will be pretty easy. Once I add support for Steam for Linux, I’ll find a way to transparently switch from Steam Linux to Steam Window (or the other way around).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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