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    Keyword here is partway. The game still has to be started downloading in Wine version of steam. Once it starts at 0%, you can move the files to Steam for Linux. After you start Steam for Linux and go to downloads this is the result. Not sure what will happen when download finishes, but will update then.

    This is downloading GTA SA for Windows in Steam for Linux.





    When it finished downloading, it gave me the WINE version of the game. This would work if your download is slow or you wanted to play a Linux game on steam while downloading. I am still trying to figure out how to get the download to start without having to use wine. If anyone wants to know how I got it to work like this, I will post instructions.

    Venn Stone

    That’s hella interesting.


    The game launches the WINE version from the Linux client??


    That is interesting but I don’t know if there is much of a point. Couldn’t you just put the Linux version of Steam in Offline Mode to play your Linux game and have the Windows version in Online Mode in order to download your Windows game?


    EvilPenuin: The only game I have that is windows base to test it with. Still says not avaliable on the platform. So as of this moment is just the downloading using Steam for Linux client, but still need wine first.

    Ryochan7: That would work too, I wanted to see if I could launch the game from inside the Steam for Linux. However, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

    I have even go so far to try to memory edit the steam client like Cheat Engine does in Windows. To many entries that say linux to get them to say Windows to do the install. Still trying other ideas. End goal just let me download Windows games in my Linux client and maybe get them to run.


    Back to version problem. Each game needs different versions of WINE, play on Linux usually downloads that version along with steam to install.


    The situation is not that bad. The majority of games that do run on Wine will run fine on whatever the current version is.
    The most common problem is with games that will require specific libraries or registry keys, but that can be taken care of quite easily with winetricks and wineprefixes.


    Sore_Loser and strider. Both of what you said is true. I know at the very least be able to download the files while in Steam for Linux. Then I can start the game in wine manually. Saves from switching clients just to get the files.


    I missed the start of the live LGC Saturday night so didn’t hear about this Very Interesting thread until today when I watched the beginning of LGC on youtube.

    I’m still a little confused though, rat. What did you mean when you wrote “When it finished downloading, it gave me the WINE version of the game?”. How do you run the game? Venn said Steam for Linux will automagically try to run it under WINE – I think based on that sentence of yours I quoted. But then you later seem to indicate you can’t actually do that because in answer to EvilPenguin’s question “The game launches the WINE version from the Linux client??” rather than just saying “Yes” (or “No”) you give a confusing answer that includes “Still says not avaliable on the platform”. But, did it say that when you were trying to download it or when trying to launch it? If it says that when trying to launch the game after downloading with Steam for Linux, then how do you actually launch the game “in wine manually”. Do you have to launch Steam under Wine? Do you have to copy the files back to Steam under Wine first? Are you saying you can actually launch the game outside of Steam?

    Please clarify. Also, yes, I would like the detailed steps posted in this thread.

    Thanks in advance.


    OUTDATED: Better version down below.

    Okay I will try to clarify what I said before.

    For the steps on how to get it to work. Don’t have any steam open at the start of this. First launch Steam in Wine. You will have to start the download of whatever game you are wanting to download in it. Wait until it at least 1% on the download then close Steam completely. You should find the the partial download files under your wine steam downloading folder. In my case for my default install of wine, the path is this:

    “/home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/downloading/”

    Inside that folder you will find a few files and possibly a few folders. In my case there were five files and one folder for the game I was downloading at the time. You need to copy everything in that downloading folder into your Steam for Linux downloading folder. In my case that is located at:


    After you have done that, launch Steam on Linux as normal. Once it is open you can go to the downloads section in Steam and the game should be downloading in there. These are the steps I followed and I was able to get it to work with the one Windows game I had to test it on.

    Once the game finishes downloading, you can’t launch it from Steam for Linux as it will still say “Unsupported Platform”. I haven’t figured out if there is a way around this yet or not. You don’t have to copy the files back to Wine either, it will install the downloaded game into wine’s folder. If you run a Desktop Environment and it creates an icon, double clicking that icon will attempt to load the Wine version of Steam like normal. What it does is allows you to download the Wine version of the game without having to stay in the Wine version of steam. This could help if you want to play some of your linux games on multiplayer while downloading the Windows game in the background.

    Hopefully this clarifies the topic more.



    I have found a way to download the Windows game inside Steam for Linux. This way is completely using Linux. You don’t have to start Steam on Wine at all. I will post the instructions on how to do this in a bit.

    You still can’t launch the game from Steam for Linux, but it will let you download the Window files in Steam for Linux.


    OK – So even though it completes the download to ~/.local/… it ends up doing the install to ~/.wine… meaning it makes no difference where the installation files are downloaded. And, I would still have to launch Steam under WINE to play it. Once installed, there’s no difference between your method and what would’ve happened had you allowed Steam under WINE to finish the download.

    LGC may want to correct that on their next show because they clearly thought and said that Steam for Linux would try to launch the application using WINE so that simply side-stepping the block on downloading Windows games basically removed all restrictions. But that’s not what happens at all. As you’ve pointed out and was also pointed out by LGC, the main benefit is to be able to run other online games in Steam for Linux while the Windows game finishes downloading.

    I have not developed the confidence with any multiplayer games to be interested in actually playing them online yet, and also have plenty of games to spend my time learning, so that the problem you are solving doesn’t exist for me.

    I had hoped that even if the game didn’t play under Steam for Linux, it would at least be installed to the correct location for Steam for Linux so that some tweaking could make it run. But I see that’s not the case and there’s no difference between downloading your way or the usual way under WINE.


    colinkeenan, I just found a way out earlier that requires no Wine at all. You can do this entirely through Linux. You don’t have to have Wine even installed in this new way. I will post instructions later tonight, but below is where it downloads the files to.


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